Tai Chi Interfest | 5th – 8th July 2018

Tai Chi Interfest 2018

For Interfest 2018, we are privileged and honoured to have one of the world's most respected Tai Chi Teachers, Professor Li Deyin, join us to share his wealth of knowledge and some of the inner secrets of Tai Chi. Also joining us is Professor Yang Bai Long, a highly respected Qigong / Chi Kung Grand master and creator of the Health Qigong Ba Duan Jina and Health Qigong seated 12 Treasures.

Our three regular coaching instructors, Faye, Tary and Simon will be giving seminars on various aspects of Tai Chi and Health Qigong, these include essentials, key points practice, martial and self defence applications, health benefits and philosophy behind the exercises.

This unique event is suitable for Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts of all disciplines and levels and ages.

The event is to be held at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport UK, a centre of excellence for sport and conferences with spectacular surroundings and beautiful gardens.

DEYIN / LONGFEI / BHQA members are entitled to early booking discounts before 31st March 2018, after that non-members fees will apply.

If paying by cheque or bank transfer you can pay a deposit to secure your place. £150 is required with reservation (non-refundable after 28th Feb 2018). Remainder of the fees need to be paid before 31st May 2018 Cheques made payable to “Taiji Interfest”

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    Single rooms are allocated on a first come, first serve basis once they become available.  If you would like to stay in a single room please check the box below

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